VB- Memorials

I'm trying to make a macro for my stepdad

He's into cowboy stuff, does western re-enactments, is a member of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society), and whatnot. I collected a few blanks from GIS and other LJ friends on caturday and cat_macros.

Seeing as how Gordon's LOLBuilder  and the ICHC TCF Super Secret Project are both borked at the moment, I used ROFLBot, but not entirely happy with the current results.  When I can get onto either of the forementioned sites, I will improve them.  I am also open to suggestions of other pics, other cowboy quotes (John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, any variations on the Tombstone story, etc), or better placement of text (ROFLBot only has three font size options and you have to move the text to the desired position yourself).
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